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Winter 2022 Programs

Weekly Pickup Games 

Adult indoor lacrosse Winter 2022 season starts on January 6th  

Indoor 8v8 - Niles 

  • Games scheduled at Loverdi Recreation Center in Niles.
  • 10 Game Schedule scheduled to start January 6th
    • Thursday evenings in January
    • Tuesday evenings in February and March
    • 75 minute field time 8:00 - 9:15 PM
  • Must be over 18 years of age prior to season start
  • Must agree to a player code of conduct and liability waiver for ERA Sports as part of registration

  • There are multiple registration programs to consider:

    • Full Season Plan: Season fee $130 for 75 minute games!
    • Pay per Play Single Game- Ultimate flexibility. Single game registration is available but you'll save money if you register for a program. $25 per game.
    • Goalie Registration- If you play between the pipes then you play free!

    *DISCLAIMER - We must have a minimum of 30 players registered to launch this program. Season is subject to cancelation if minimum is not met 2 days prior to first game. All fees will be fully refunded.

    Co-Ed Court Lacrosse

    What's Court Lacrosse?  Court lacrosse is a 3 on 3 small field game based on Speed Lacrosse rules. The only equipment required is a short stick. The ball is spongy and the goals are a bit smaller (3ft x 3ft) than box lacrosse goals. There is no pre-set goalie position. Coed play is welcome. The game is fast paced, fun and a great workout!  Court Lacrosse can be played on grass, on the beach or on a hard court indoor or outdoor. When played on grass or sand we stake a ribbon border that is about the size of a basketball court. 

    To learn more about the Speed Lacrosse game head to our SPEED Lacrosse page

    We will be arranging games at various locations around the Chicagoland area throughout the summer. The equipment is easy to transport and set up so most of the games we set up will be "pop up" at various days and times. 

    We will be glad to organize youth games as well. Send us an email - 

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